Eye vitamins for Macular Degeneration and Dry Eye – Reviews

Maintaining eye’s health should be your 1st priority because if you have blurred vision or any other defect. Your world will not look the same as it looks right now. So, you need to know what you can do to make your eye healthy.

Sometimes people feel blurred vision in one eye and sometime in both eyes blurred vision can by caused by number of diseases but a normal healthy person can also suffer from blurred vision.

When you grow older your eyes start to lose its wetness Moreover your muscles also start to degenerate. So, to overcome Muscular degeneration and eye dryness you need to supply your body with correct amount of eye vitamins.

You can provide vitamins to your body by 2 ways.

  1. By Diet
  2. By supplements

So, by these ways you can maintain correct dose of vitamins in your body. Many people also suffer from eye floaters and they usually ask the question: how to get rid of eye floaters? The answer is of course related to vitamins.

Eye Vitamin

By having correct dose of vitamin you will not only make your eye healthy but you will also make your body healthy. Vitamins for eye health are discussed below. No matter if you get old if you are taking care of your vitamins your eyes will be good as new.


Vitamins for eyes include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin B. Besides vitamin Eye will also require other nutrients such as Riboflavin, Niacin, Lutein and Zeaxanthin, Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Thiamine.

Muscle Degeneration

Muscle Degeneration has affected more than 6.2 million people on the earth. So, you first need to know that muscle degeneration is age related problem and it can occur suddenly. If you think that you have healthy eyes and you will not get muscle degeneration then you are wrong.

Even if there is no symptom of eye degeneration in early age you can still get this disease. Muscle degeneration results in blurred or no vision. So, you can avoid it by maintain your diet with vitamins of having vitamins as a supplement. Vitamin A, C and B are eye vitamins for macular degeneration prevention.

Symptoms of Muscle Degeneration include:

  • Blur or less clear vision.
  • blurry areas in the center of your vision

Vitamin B and C are responsible for making antioxidants and in protecting the eyes from damaging radicals. So, these vitamins will help to prevent Muscle Degeneration by lowering the level of homocysteine.

Dry Eye

Dry eyes are the problem of about 5 to 34% of the world population. About 70% of the old people are affected by dry eye syndrome. Dry eye can occur when adequate water is not produced by the eye. It can also occur if the water is getting evaporated quickly.

You can have dry eyes can either temporary or permanent. If it is left untreated, then patient can lose its eye sight permanently. But this condition can be avoided by having adequate amount of vitamin A in diet.

Symptoms of Dry eyes

  • irritation
  • redness

Vitamin A, B, E, and C are equally important for the eye so, try to have these vitamin in your diet. If you feel redness in your eyes contact your doctor immediately. Vitamin A is directly associated with eye and lack of vitamin A can also cause Night Blindness.

Night Blindness

Night Blindness is the condition in which person is unable to see in the low light. Night blindness is due to the Vitamin A deficiency. Rhodopsin is a protein synthesized by Vitamin A So. if body lacks vitamin A rhodopsin will not be made. If night blindness is left untreated patient can lose hi/hers vision permanently.


Above discussion had made it clear that vitamins are very important for having normal functioning of eye. Any deficiency of vitamins can cause defects in the normal functioning. Diet rich in vitamins are beneficial for eye if your diet lack such vitamins you can fulfill the vitamin requirements by using pills and supplements.

If you want to make your eye healthy and want to see things even when you are in old age then try to maintain adequate amount of vitamins in your body.